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Michael D'Alimonte
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3Kick It Out - Heart

There's so much positive reinforcement for physical activity in "Kick It Out," even the laziest among us will feel inspired to move 'n groove it to the gym after a listen. Because when the Wilson sisters tell you to "kick out you motor and drive, while you're still alive" you pay heed. You don't want to be lazy and die, do you?

2Do The Dark - Blondie

A somewhat lesser-known Blondie track, "Do The Dark" is the ideal song for a run outside, just make sure it's not on grass or in a field. That way, when Debbie Harry tells you to do the "sidewalk hustle" you can take it as workout-reinforcement.

1Enter Sandman - Metallica

So much dark energy is imbued into the heavy riffs and sounds of "Enter Sandman" that you'll instantly get into a "I want to beat the snot out of everything around me" kind of mindset. Hopefully you'll translate that primal urge into upping your speed on the treadmill or busting out a few more sets, rather than punch out some random gym-goer while screaming "you won't get me Sandman!"