16 More Workout Tracks To Help You Get Pumped Up At The Gym - Page 2

Michael D'Alimonte
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10Europe - The Final Countdown

Epic is kind of the only way to describe "The Final Countdown," and even though Arrested Development turned the song into a bit of a joke, nothing is more serious than when this Europe track plays near the end of a workout. It's just too energetic and apropos not to pump you up.

9Take You On - Peaches

Any physical activity involving punching, kicking, or just an oppenent will be made so much more intense once "Take You On" comes on. The mighty Peaches will give you the confidence you need to take down whoever might be unlucky enough to take you on (get it?) when this song is playing.

8Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

You've been neck and neck on the running track with this punk for the last 200 metres, then bam, Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust" comes and you dig deep to not let the late Freddie Mercury down. You can also use the memory of the deceased rocker's tight pants to motivate you to keep running a bit longer, so you can be just as trim.

7Electric Feel - MGMT

Let's face it, you're at the gym so you can look sexy. Physical health be damned, we all just want to have incredibly bang-able bods, and a listen to "Electric Feel" will remind you of your rather vain goal while at the gym. Motivation can come in many forms.

6Solid Gold - Eagles of Death Metal

Very few songs straight up tell you to "work it out" and "sweat." These commands come straight at your ears during the Eagles of Death Metal's "Solid Gold," and even though the song itself is a little light for an intense gym session, the jovial guitar strumming would be great for an aerobics workout.

5Pound The Alarm - Nicki Minaj

An intense cardio workout pretty much demands some catchy and high-energy pop tunes, and very few do the trick as well as Nick Minaj's "Pound The Alarm." When the eponymous moment of the song happens, so when the alarm is pounded, you can't help but get a boost of energy.

4Outer Space - Yelawolf

Despite the rather long into of some guy getting abducted by aliens, the starting track to Yelawolf's second album Love Story is a true pump-up jam. Not only is there a fast tempo and electronic beats to keep you going, but the whole song is about not giving any f*cks and just doing your thing, which is exactly how you should feel when you're at the gym. Ignore those bros lifting, you do you.