2014 Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

3 minute read

Quite possibly the best thing about fall is that it’s Halloween season and, while you may or may not be a bit too old to go trick or treating, you’re never too old to dress up. It’s always hard trying to decide who or what to dress up as but we’re here to help. Every year, we have a list of music inspired halloween outfit ideas and this year is no exception. While there’s always the classics (generic rock persona, MJ from Thriller etc), we know you like to be timely so here are some great 2014 Halloween costume ideas.

Pharrell Williams with his silly hat

This one is dead simple. Find or make one Pharrell Williams’ now iconic hats. Pharrell is always well dressed so make sure you go all out with a blazer and bowtie. Optionally, you can also wear a red track jacket as shown here. To spice it up, go get a couple of extra friends, get some Daft Punk helmets (or any helmet really) and done. Sure Get Lucky was a 2013 hit, but Pharell Williams and Daft Punk teamed up again this year for Gust of Wind.

Justin Bieber (Arrested)

Going as Justin Bieber was never a popular idea (At least not with the older crowd) but going as Justin Beiber arrested, well that’s a different story. Get a few fake tattoos and wear an orange v-neck. Done.

Lorde (Tennis Court)

This one is pretty easy. Powder your face white, paint your lips purple, braid your hair like Lorde does in the Tennis Court music video. Don’t forget the mesh shirt.

Shakira (La La La)

This one is dead simple. Get a black dress, a blande wavy hair wig and then finish it with the hat. For the hat, a quick solution involves cardboard, some aluminium foil, glossy gold spray paint, an exact-o knife and a black wig or black feathers. Be creative, it doesn't need to look identical. Alternatively, you can probably find a similar hat online for cheap but act quickly, time is running out. Got some friends who need ideas? Get them to dress up as soccer players. Don't forget the soccer ball.

Meghan Trainor (All About that base)

This one is great as a group. Meghan uses a bunch of different outfits in All About That Base,  but the flower headband is by far the most popular one. Look in your closet, if you're a woman, you probably have most of these clothes. I'm sure if you look in the back of the closet, you'll even find the silver shoes. Complement your outfit with three helium balloons. If you’ve got some friends that fit the profile, make sure you get them to dress up as the extras from the music video.

Iggy Azalea (Fancy)

There are so many different options here. Check your closet and see what you already have that best matches Iggy in her Fancy music video. Missing some outfits, try heading to a thrift shop and picking an outfit out on the cheap. My favorite: The blue checkered skirt with plaid blazer but don’t forget the pigtails. This one works great as a solo or with a group of friends who are dressed like her friends.

Nikki Minaj (Anaconda)

This one is only for the brave ones. You’ll probably need to cover up a bit but that really depends on the type of party. Don't forget the tattoo on your arm.. because you know, that's what everyone will be looking at..

Jimmy Fallon And Will.i.am (Ew!)

Here is the perfect one for a couple of dudes. It might be a bit tougher getting all the appropriate clothing to dress up like Fallon and Will.i.am in their Ew! video but the most mandatory of props in this one is the braces. Got a third wheel? Dress him up as the dad. Got more people? Look through Fallon's past shows, he's had a ton of guests.