5 Strange Musician Phobias

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Phobias are irrational, intense, persistent fears of certain things, people, or activities. While some phobias are understandable - such as spiders, heights, and flying - others are more difficult to comprehend. We have compiled a list of rarer phobias held by some of the biggest names in music today.

adele - seagulls

Adele is probably best known as the Grammy Award-winning, critically acclaimed English singer-songwriter who has risen to fame quickly, charming crowds with her thoughtful lyrics, and interesting voice. You might not be aware, however, that she is terrified of seagulls. She told Metro:

"I was walking down the promenade in Tenby, eating a 99, when this huge f***ing seagull came down and swiped it off me. I've still got a scar from its claw on my shoulder. I thought it was going to take me away with it. I've got a phobia of seagulls now."

rihanna - Ichthyophobia

You might be surprised to know that despite having grown up in Barbados, Rihanna is afraid of fish; this is referred to as ichtyophobia. She once told Blender magazine:

"I'm super-scared of sea creatures. Even tiny fish. One time I was in the water - and the water in Barbados is so clear you can see your feet - I saw all these tiny fish swimming around my feet, and I had a panic attack. I just froze. This man had to lift me out of the water."

Kanye West - Telephonophobia

Kanye is fearless. Or, we thought he was. Impervious to criticism, he is bold, and confident in his convictions. But we found his Achilles' heel: according to Justin Bieber, West has a problem with telephones:

"It's funny because he doesn't even use a phone, he just sends email. It's so crazy. I'm like, 'How can you not use a phone?'"

Lady Gaga's single probably gave him the willies.

kylie minogue - coat hangers

If you have ever seen Kylie Minogue in videos, on televsion, or live, it's obvious that the Australian pop star has an extensive wardrobe. What might not be obvious is that she probably doesn't own a single coat hanger. She told The Sun:

"The problem is I hate putting things on hangers. I have a hanger phobia - I don't like the way they sound when you put them in the wardrobe."

jessica simpson - slippery teeth

While Jessica Simpson is a pop singer, she is also well known for her unusual comments - anyone remember chicken of the sea and buffalo wings? I have to admit, she still surprised us when she confessed her fear to Ellen Degeneres: slippery teeth. Check out the video below from 7:11 to hear the whole story.